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dc.contributor.authorRodriguez Balcero, Giovanny Alonso
dc.description.abstractRESUMEN: A linear optimization model was formulated and designed at the lowest cost for the information management of standing pig production (raising, fattening and finishing) for the farm "La Esperanza" in the village of Tierra Negra Fusagasugá (Cundinamarca). On the other hand, the percentages of the practical and maximum levels of food inclusion were handled in the rations of growing pigs established by the Spanish foundation for the development of animal nutrition (FEDNA) adjusted to the maximum requirements of the farm, formulas Of feed and costs per kilogram at each stage. These values were used for mathematical modeling and its subsequent adaptation to a Simplex algorithm of the two phases for a software prototype oriented to the web with a simple, simple and friendly design applying good agile practices, high level programming languages were used Such as PHP with the Object Oriented Programming paradigm, MySQL database and technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. These contributed to guarantee the security and integrity of the data, allowing to build a code of quality, safe and easy maintenance. It was determined that the application easily enters the decision variables, the objective function and the constraints of each linear optimization model. Likewise, the efficiency and accuracy in minimizing the cost of feed in the "La Esperanza" farm was demonstrated. Finally the developed models allow to save the obtained information and to generate reports on resultsen_EN
dc.description.sponsorshipExtensión Zipaquiráen_EN
dc.subjectGuitarra Eléctricaen_EN
dc.subjectElectric Guitaren_EN
dc.subjectChord Melodyen_EN
dc.subjectMúsica Colombianaen_EN
dc.titleLa guitarra eléctrica solista en la interpretación del pasillo y bambuco andino colombianoen_EN

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